6 - 8 October 2021

[Digital Platform]


Many core business has changed in 2021, contact centre activities have also been given the challenge to transform rapidly in the last 12 months. Customer experience delivery has evolved in many industries and so did customer expectations.


With many of us working from home, staff engagement has also moved from office to their doorstep such as remote hiring, virtual training and monitoring. Imagine agents starting their first day of work at home, fresh from their video interview.


It is clear that we now need to re-imagine business operations and delivery, staying agile and ensuring resiliency for sustainable business. Speed and adaption are key in this dynamic world today.


Your customers and employees are elements to your success! It is within your power to keep them delighted, engaged and safe. Let’s re-imagine together technologies that can provide them with better experiences. Re-imagine the way we collect data and consume data to give our customers what they want before they know they need it!


The rules of customer engagement are of course ever-changing. By re-imagining CX strategies to incorporate the 'new norm' of digital customer engagement, businesses of the future are looking for fresh perspective, not only future-proofing the contact centre, but also making a fundamental shift in the evolution of the market and consumer landscape.


Together, lets re-imagine and join us in the 17th Regional Contact Centre Virtual Symposium from 6 to 8 October 2021!




















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