Customer Evolution 2.x

26 - 27 September 2018

Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel


  Focusing on how to make customers the forefront of businesses last year, together, we explored tools to evolve with them.  Having established the baseline, Customer Evolution 2.x is back to further understand what Customers expect as the new norm and how operational optimisation coupled with leading technology enables us to leverage upon it to reach the next milestone of service excellence.

How do businesses design a compelling customer journey? 

Looking into the future, customer services are evolving to become more virtual, from click to delivery and beyond. As technology steps in as a double-edged sword to the industry, it offers the most agile and responsive customer service it has ever been but also poses a threat for human labour as the demand falls.

Businesses need to discover new ways to cater to a constantly changing audience. While they continue to progress, so will customers demand. The rules of the game aren’t changing — they are evolving. It is relatively important for companies to take a step back and evaluate their position as customer expectations are increasing. With the launch of various customer service tools and booming technology, how does the industry keep up with the transformation?

Spanning across 2 days, the 14th CCAS Regional Contact Centre Symposium will continue being a platform for sharing best practices, strategies, tools and regional trends to tackle the evolving customers. By tapping on the knowledge of industry experts locally and regionally, the Symposium aims to enlighten digital transformation, technological trends, innovative techniques and resources to match and exceed customers’ expectations.

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